Kaflat Lahore is dedicated to promote impartiality, variety and social justice for students

and staff. It is the policy of the organization to provide equivalent chance for all people,

irrespective of rich, poor, race, color, parentage, national or ethnic beginning, ethno

religious background, career responsibilities, incapacity and religious belief. This institute

donates to the progression and incorporation of knowledge, professional skills and

technology and their bright, supportable and innovative submission for the benefit of

humanity. With this in notice their mission endures to be that they position between the

leading commerce, business, science & I. T. institution in region. Kaflat Lahore definitely

believes that it is the overall College’s experience, not just classroom learning which

regulates the productivity of the student’s life and provides the true groundwork for your

future. Here students and staff work together to nurture a situation of social forbearance

learned by critical investigation. They are very aware of our responsibilities to provide

a safe and tolerant environment where students from many different backgrounds can

freely, securely and enjoyably learn together. We are dedicated to produce new ideas and

investigating new singularity, exploring and examining the best of the Pakistan human

tradition of scholarship and developing the welfares of research. There are many aims and

objectives of this institute that are to maintain high academic standards; to expand the

substantive knowledge of students; to equip the students with legal professional skills; To

develop an academic methodology that commensurate with the requirements of practical

legal training.

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  • 1-A,Faiz Road, Near Punjab College of Commerce, Muslim Town, Lahore
  • 1-A,Faiz Road, Near Punjab College of Commerce, Muslim Town, Lahore
  • +92 42 35834431-2, 0321 999897
  • +92 42 35914454

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