Lums offers Certificate Program for Women Entrepreneurs

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The Lahore University of Management Sciences, is an independent research university located in Lahore,Punjab ,Pakistan.

LUMS aspires to achieve excellence and national and international leadership through unparalleled teaching and research, holistic undergraduate education, and civic engagement to serve the critical needs of society.

It seeks to accomplish this mission as a unified institution with cutting-edge research, a modern and rigorous curriculum and socially responsible outreach to the nation and region.

Lums is offering a unique 12-day course for women entrepreneurs to widen their exposure and enhance the capabilities of women as business entrepreneurs in order to get more successful and prosperous.

The programs aims at providing its participants with various entrepreneurship skills like being more innovative and creative, making new and improved plans, better usage of technology etc.

The minimum eligibility criteria is having 14 years of education with two or more years in business operations.

For admission, apply online on “".